what we do

Getting your audience to understand and act on your messages is our goal. We take on all kinds of writing, editing and proofreading challenges. We can help you to assess your audience and present your messages clearly. We undertake extensive research before writing for any audience and catalogue our sources. We also expertly sub-edit all kinds of copy. We provide detailed and clear quotes that outline the stages of your project.

our expertise

Lonely Cottage Productions is run by Helen Walsh, an experienced writer and editor who can take on all kinds of creative challenges from sub-editing technical documents to writing website copy for the public. Helen is widely published – from The Wildlife Trusts’ junior Wildlife Watch magazine, to The Oxford Times. Her variety of work includes sub-editing the UK National Ecosystem Assessment and writing a guidebook for College Lake Nature Reserve.

how we can help you

Take a browse around our Portfolio to see some of the projects Lonely Cottage has been involved in – it might give you some bright ideas! Do get in touch if you need a quote for a writing project. We can help you with presenting tricky themes, researching subjects in depth, and editing copy. We’ve got more than 15 years’ experience and have crafted works for a range of audiences from children to policymakers, farmers to funders. We’re sure we can help!
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Helen works for NatureBureau on a regular basis, having key input into a variety of publishing projects. She always provides creative yet professional solutions, whether writing for magazines, websites, or sub-editing books. It is a pleasure working with her.
Peter Creed, Creative Director, NatureBureau